Therapeutic support for children and families
Social Work Support for Local Authorities

Social Work Support for Local Authorities

Parenting Assessment

I have extensive experience in assessing parenting capacity and have Parenting Assessment Manual (PAMS) training. I have a wide variety of experience in providing evidence based assessment of the underlying difficulties in the parental and child relationships and the capacity to meet children’s needs to a good enough standard. If you have an urgent instruction for the family courts please email to find out the current timescales for assessment.

Healthy Relationship Interventions

I have undertaken training in undertaking work with perpetrators of domestic abuse and I can deliver one to one interventions. These interventions are meant to provide some level of intervention and challenge to those individuals who are resistant to change, who are not likely to be able to access commissioned programmes that would normally be accessible to Local Authorities. Ultimately, these interventions also focus on reducing risk and gaining insight into behaviours and can be commissioned with other parenting interventions at the same time. Please email for more information.

Intervention to Prevent Family Breakdown

Sometimes families are in crisis and need rapid intervention to address risk and stabilise the situation. For those families who require urgent intervention and would benefit from rapid intervention. I offer assessment and intervention as a rapid response, to ascertain the correct modality for the family and to help reduce the risk of family breakdown. Please email for more information.