Therapeutic support for children and families
Parenting Interventions

Parenting Interventions

Circle of Security Intervention

Circle of Security is a relationship based Parenting Programme that originated in the USA. The programme is underpinned by the idea that children are the instruction manual around how their needs are met and the use the graphic of the Circle of Security to help gain understanding of what our children’s needs are and how best to meet them. The programme reflects on the parents own experience and what can make it more difficult to meet our children’s needs. This is delivered over 6 – 8 weeks. More information is available at

Baby Bonding

Baby Bonding is a intervention is parenting intervention which has been described as a relationship programme. This is because is includes you and your baby in activities and playful games throughout the programme. There is a lovely rhythm and routine to sessions to support your baby and focus on the importance on looking after ourselves as parents to be there for our infants.

Heart to Heart

The heart to heart programme provides a relationships based programme where parent and child can together undertake playful games and activities to support their relationship. There is lots of learning from each other and gaining knowledge along the way. This programme can be delivered for younger children and for teenagers. Again there is a lovely rhythm to support these sessions which in generally done over 6 weeks.