Therapeutic Support for children and families

Therapeutic Support for children and families

Dyadic Developmental Psychotherapy

Dyadic Developmental Psychotherapy originates in the work of Daniel Hughes and is underpinned by the PACE which stands for Playfulness, Acceptance, Curiosity and Empathy. DDP aims to help parents deploy PACE in their relationships with...

Building Under Developed Sensory Systems (BUSS)

BUSS is an intervention which aims to help children who have had disruptions in their early development. The intervention helps children and young people to develop good bodily regulation which is about them be able...

Theraplay Informed Practice

Theraplay treatment involves playful sessions between parent and child that build attunement and connection through moment to moment attention to the child’s experience. Theraplay informed practice has been found helpful for children and young people...

Parenting Interventions

Circle of Security Intervention Circle of Security is a relationship based Parenting Programme that originated in the USA. The programme is underpinned by the idea that children are the instruction manual around how their needs...

About Parent Child Relationships

Welcome to, where you can find local services in Gloucestershire that will support children and families. The sole practitioner for Parent Child Relationships LTD is Stuart Moakes and this website details the services that Stuart can offer to children and families in Gloucestershire.

As parents and carers there are always struggles and challenges, where we might need someone to talk to. Sometimes the support of family and friends is sufficient, although at other times we may be left feeling that ourselves and our children need more. This is when I may be able to help. There are a range of interventions that I can offer to create a tailored solution for you and your family. Almost all of the services I offer involve both the parent and child in any intervention, because relationships are key to resolving a great deal of difficulties that children and parents’ experience.

I have found the variety of services that I offer can help with difficulties around behaviour, sensory regulation, difficulties with attachment and children impacted by trauma.

The services I am able to offer are:

Theraplay Informed Practice – a playful therapy with where the therapist, parent and child play to support their attachment relationship.

Dyadic Developmental Psychotherapy (Under Supervision) – this therapy based on the work of Dan Hughes which works to support empathic understanding within relationships.

Building Underdeveloped Sensory Systems (BUSS) – This supports children who have gaps in their sensory development through playful activities.

Circle of Security Parenting Programme (One to One or group) (Available online) – This is a relationship based parenting programme.

Baby Bonding Programme (One to One or Group) – This is a relationship based programme with baby and their parents doing activities as part of sessions.

Heart to Heart Programme (One to One or group) – This is a relationship based programme with children and their parents and can be delivered for school age children or teenager.

If you are interested in consultation about your situation please contact me via email at or call on 07865047141.

For more details on these services please click on the relevant links.

Stuart Moakes

I started working in social care with children with disabilities in a voluntary role in the year 2000. I worked in this sector until 2009 when I embarked on social work training and have practiced as a Social Worker since 2011. I have practiced in the UK and Australia and have undertaken training in a variety of modalities including Theraplay, DDP, BUSS and broader parenting and relationships programmes.

For professionals, there are other social work services available including parenting assessment services, domestic abuse interventions and services to prevent family breakdown.